Bible Classes

Bible Classes

Settling Doctrinal Issues

Series: Activities of the Apostles

Acts 15:1-31

Problems and Disagreements Can Often Strengthen God's Children

1. What were the men from Judea trying to bind on the newly converted? In verse one it mentions that is a what? And from who?

2. How did Paul & Barnabas react to the information and what did they do about it?

3. Was any good accomplished along the way in their travels? Howe were they received and what opportunity did they have upon arrival?

4. What do you suppose was the cause of the request found in vs. 5?

5. Was this a battle Paul would only have to fight once? Can you cite another time he was in a similar position?


6. In verses 5-8, what 4 facts does Paul share about the Gentile brethren and their condition in God's eyes?

7. What important parts of the salutation found in vs. 23 stand out to you? As the letter opens do you see any responsibility taken or blame assigned?

8. What were three key points Peter, Paul and James covered in their addresses to reason with the brethren?  Were they effective?

9. After deliberations How was the news given to those in Antioch? What was important about the men who were sent? Who, most importantly, was a part of this instruction? What was their response to it?

10. Consider the instructions given in vs. 29. Was this all the disciples would have to do throughout their lives?  Does this seem to contract other instructions from God's word which give the Christian many more commandments?

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