Bible Classes

Bible Classes

Settling Matters of Opinion

Series: Activities of the Apostles

Acts 15:32-41

1. What two characters do we read about being "chosen men" and "prophets” that assisted in encouraging the gentile believers?

2. Did Paul & Barnabas leave after the reading of the letter from the Jerusalem council? What did they spent their time on?

3. Where did Paul desire to go after Antioch? Who did he want to go with him? What was his purpose for the trip?

4. What was the contention between Paul & Barnabas about? What words are used in vs. 37 & vs 39 that give us an idea of the kind of discussion that was had? From what we can know, was this a doctrinal issue or a personal one? Did this departure from one another ruin their friendship?

5. What are some scriptures that come to mind when working through differences of opinion? What value do we place on our friends within the brotherhood? Are they more valuable than those of the world?

6. What value is there in learning of John Mark "departing from the work” if the Lord does not reveal why he left?

7. Did this disagreement impede the work or increase it? This fact needs to remind us that God often works much good from things we may find unpleasant at times.

8. What two preaching pairs come from this point of contention?

9. Where did each of the pairs go as they departed? Were they sent off with lingering strife over their

10. What comes to mind when we read of them "confirming the churches" in vs. 41?

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