Bible Classes

Bible Classes

Paul's Second Missionary Journey

Series: Activities of the Apostles

Acts 16:1-23

1. Who is the character we are introduced to in the beginning of chapter 16?  What sort of reputation did this man have?

2. Why is Paul wishing to have Timothy circumcised not hypocritical knowing how much Paul taught against the circumcision in the flesh?

3. How were the churches being visited strengthened?  Is there value in sharing more than social pleasantries when we come together for worship?

4. Is the Spirit mentioned here as having influence on their travel plans?  Was speaking ever forbidden?

5. While in Troas, how did a man from Macedonia plead for help?  Was this on his own accord or was there someone/something else behind the message?

6. While in Philippi, where did Paul and his companions go instead of the synagogue?  Was it a fruitful trip?  Referencing verse 15, did Lydia know how to ask a question?

7. With what was Paul greatly annoyed?  Was he short-tempered about this or longsuffering?  Why do you think something like this would be annoying to Paul?

8. What did the girl cry out that the men were going to show people?  How did Paul take care of the situation?  Was he able to do this completely on his own?

9. What was the real motivation for them being drug before the authorities?  Did that match the accusations leveled against them?

10. What was the crowd's response to these accusations?  Acts 22:25 gives us a glimpse into some of the civil laws the Romans held.  Was this crowd acting on reason or emotion?

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