Bible Classes

Bible Classes

The Riot in Thessalonica

Series: Activities of the Apostles

Bible Reading: Acts 17:1-15

Discussion Questions:

  1. As discussed in previous chapters, what was Paul's manner, habit, or custom when he entered a new city to bring the message of salvation in Christ? How long did he work with them?
  2. Where did Paul pull his reasoning from? Was he at all successful in his attempts to convince the people? Who all is said to have believed?
  3. The unbelieving Jews did what?  What was their motive?  Have we ever experienced this in our own efforts to evangelize? In the KJV, what are, "lewd fellows of the baser sort?"  What did they do?
  4. Who was Jason and how did he get in the middle of the uproar? What claims did they make against Jason, Paul, and Silas?  Where were Paul and Silas? Were the Jews arguing from religious or political grounds, or both?
  5. What happened when we read the rulers had, "taken the security of Jason and the other," in verse 9? What did they do immediately after this altercation?  Where did Paul and Silas go once there?
  6. What does it mean to be noble?  What made the Bereans more noble than those in Thessalonica? What came of those that were, "more noble?"
  7. Was the success of the Gospel in Berea without event?  How far is it from Thessalonica to Berea? Have you ever went out of your way for something you really believed in (or against?)
  8. Where does this opposition send Paul and his company next?  Who shows up in the company again? Where was he when we last read of him?
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