Wednesday Evening Adult Bible Class (2)

Wednesday Evening Adult Bible Class (2)

On Wednesday evenings at 7:00 PM throughout the Winter, Craig Davis, Nathan Matthews, and Eric Tustin are leading an adult Bible class called Lifelong Zeal.

In the Bible, zeal means a burning desire to please God. This class aims to help Christians ignite a lasting passion for God based on 7 steps from the life of Peter. God is calling His people to live with zeal, but thousands of Christians are stuck in lukewarm routines. Passion for what truly matters and boldness to make a difference for God in the world around you can be a reality in 2017.

You’re invited to bring a Bible, bring a friend, and join us in this practical and much-needed study of God's will for your life.

Bible classes are available for all ages every Wednesday evening at 7:00 PM. We’d love to see you this Wednesday!

Lifelong Zeal is written by Phillip Shumake and is available here.