Bible Classes

Bible Classes

Shipwrecked on Malta

Series: Activities of the Apostles

Bible Reference: Acts 27:14-44

Discussion Questions:

  1. What determined the direction of the ship's route as they left Fair Havens?  Did this leg of the journey go as planned?  Where were they headed to?
  2. What is a Euroclydon? What is said of the crew's efforts in trying to preserve the ship and crew?
  3. Why did they, "lighten the ship?"  What do you suppose they did?  Is this different than throwing out the, "tackling of the ship?"
  4. What took away their hopes of being saved?  What renewed these hopes?
  5. How did Paul initially address the crowd?  Is his perceived role in the voyage changing as these events unfold?  What wonderful news does he share with them?
  6. Where does he say he gets his authority and knowledge from?  Paul's message to the crew is a salvation of sorts.  Is he told of his own?  (Acts 27:24)
  7. How long were they at sea before they started taking soundings (measurements of depth) to determine if land was near?  What did they do to prevent running upon the rocks?
  8. What was happening in Acts 27:30-31?  Did Paul try to stop them?  What encouragement does Paul offer to the other members of the crew?  What had caused them all to be, "of good cheer?"
  9. How many souls were on the ship?  What was their last direct effort to guide the ship?  How many made it to the shore safely?
  10. How did they get there?  Not counting Paul, who had an immediate influence to ensure they all made it off the boat?  Did God (and Paul) keep His word?
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