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An Extraordinary Opportunity Worth Preparing For Today

Crowd of People

You've been around people off and on all week. Take a moment to reflect on the gatherings--focused or unfocused, intentional or unintentional--you've been a part of over the course of the last several days. If those crowds of people had been able to speak with one voice, what would they have said?

  • "O neighborhood, our neighborhood"
  • "O school, our school"
  • "O business, our business"
  • "O office, our office"
  • "O corporation, our corporation"
  • "O soccer league, our soccer league"
  • "O coffee shop, our coffee shop"

You get the idea. Now think about the opportunity you will have tomorrow, if the Lord wills, to be a part of a focused, intentional gathering. When that assembly of people speaks with one voice, what will they say? In essence,

O LORD, our Lord,
__ how majestic is your name in all the earth! (Psa 8:1)

That's an extraordinary opportunity worth preparing for today.