Lord's Supper Meditations

Lord's Supper Meditations

“Help Me Believe In the Cross”

Nearly 2,000 years ago, Jesus instituted a memorial of his death. Following the pattern of the earliest Christians, we share in this observance every first day of the week (Acts 20:7). To help prepare our minds in appreciation for what our Father planned from before the foundation of the world (1 Pet 1:20), we want to think of how God was foreshadowing events surrounding the cross and the coronation of Jesus long before the Messiah stepped foot on this earth. In doing so, we will expound upon the following prophetic and typological passages which also “Help Me Believe In the Power of the Cross”




January 5   Jesus, Born To Save Men    Matthew 1:18-21

January 12    Peter Rebukes the Mission of Jesus    Matthew 16:21-23
January 19    The Son of Man Must Be Rejected    Luke 17:22-25
January 26    Jesus Foretells His Future    Matthew 18:17-19


February 2    “You Do Not Know What You Ask”    Matthew 18:20-23
February 9    The Son of Man Came to Serve    Matthew 18:24-28
February 16    She Poured All Upon He Who Gave All    Matthew 14:1-9
February 23    The Parable of the Landowners    Matthew 21:33-42


March 1    Far Greater Than A “Son of David”    Matthew 22:41-46
March 8    Like Fathers, Like Sons    Matthew 23:32-37
March 15    A Widow Who Gives Like Jesus    Mark 12:41-44
March 22    The Hour Has Come to Be Glorified    John 12:20-24
March 29    “If I Am Lifted Up”    John 12:31-33


April 5    The Exchange of Blood Money    Luke 22:1-6
April 12    Christ’s Final Passover    Luke 22:7-8, 13-16
April 19    The Institution of the Lord’s Supper    Luke 22:17-20
April 26    Jesus Demonstrates Service    John 13:1-7


May 3    Jesus Knows His Betrayer    John 13:21-30
May 10    Jesus Will Be Denied    Matthew 26:31-35
May 17    Hope in the Midst of Trouble    John 14:1-6
May 24    “I Will Not Leave You Orphans”    John 14:18-20
May 31    “Greater Love Has No One Than This”    John 15:12-13


June 7    Sorrow Will Only Be Temporal    John 16:19-22
June 14    Jesus Will Overcome    John 16:32-33
June 21    Jesus Is A Finisher    John 17:1-5
June 28    Overwhelmed By Emotion in the Garden    Matthew 26:36-38


July 5    “If It Is Possible, Let This Cup Pass From Me”    Matthew 26:39-42
July 12    Jesus Walks Toward Danger    Matthew 26:43-46
July 19    The Betrayal of Jesus    Matthew 26:47-50
July 26    He Could Have Called Twelve Legions of Angels    Matthew 26:51-56


August 2    “He Is Deserving of Death”    Matthew 26:57-66
August 9    Peter Denies Jesus    Matthew 26:67-75
August 16    “I Have Sinned by Betraying Innocent Blood”    Matthew 27:1-10
August 23    “Are You the King of the Jews?”    Luke 23:1-7
August 30    Jesus Is Declared Innocent    Luke 23:8-15


September 6    A Criminal Released; A King Crucified    Matthew 27:15-26
September 13    Mocking the King of Kings    Matthew 27:17-31
September 20    “THIS IS JESUS: KING OF THE JEWS”    Matthew 27:31-37
September 27    The First Statement On the Cross    Luke 23:32-43


October 4   The Second and Third Statements on the Cross    John 19:23-27
October 11  The Fourth Statement on the Cross    Matthew 27:45-49
October 18   he Fifth and Sixth Statements on the Cross    John 19:28-30
October 25   The Seventh Statement on the Cross    Luke 23:44-49


November 1   Jesus Is Unbroken    John 19:31-37
November 8   Jesus Is Buried    John 19:38-42
November 15    The Tomb Is Guarded    Matthew 27:60-66
November 22    The Tomb Is Found Empty    John 20:1-10
November 29  The First Witness of the Risen Jesus    John 20:11-18


December 6    The False Report of the Guards    Matthew 28:11-15
December 13    The Witnesses on the Road to Emmaus    Luke 24:13-35
December 20   Jesus Appears to His Disciples    John 20:19-29
December 27    “Witnesses Of These Things”    Luke 24:44-48