Bible Classes

Bible Classes

Paul's Defense in Jerusalem

Series: Activities of the Apostles

Bible Reference: Acts 22:1-30

Discussion Questions: 

  1. What has happened that caused Paul to be in the custody of the Roman soldiers?
  2. How did Paul quiet the angry mob?  Did he fight back with the crowd?  Was he angry with them?
  3. What credentials did Paul share with the group and why?  Did it help his cause?
  4. Who was Gamaliel?  What strategy is he using in Acts 22:3 ?
  5. In his recounting of his conversion, what do we learn about baptism here?
  6. How dramatic was their response to his testimony, in Acts 22:22-23 ?
  7. See what you can find/learn about the rights of Roman citizens.
  8. What were the soldiers' intentions with Paul?
  9. Are we at all impressed with Paul's attitude/reactions/responses to the crowd of men?  To the Roman soldiers?  How would we have behaved?  Knowing how passionate and zealous Paul is in his work for the Lord, what do we learn here?
  10. In this chapter, was Paul more fairly treated by the Romans or by his own countrymen?
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