Bible Classes

Bible Classes

I Am He (The Messiah)

Series: I AM - Jesus in the Book of John

Discussion Questions: 

  1. According to John the baptizer, what is Jesus' God given job (John 1:29-34)?
  2. Upon what basis does John believe these facts about Jesus to be true (John 1:30-34)?

  3. At His baptism, with what does God anoint Jesus (Acts 10:37-38)?  How does the Father audibly confirm His selection of Jesus as His Messiah (Luke 3:21-22)? 

  4. When Jesus began His ministry in the synagogue in Nazareth, He read from Isaiah 61:1-2. What is He "anointed" by the Spirit to do (Luke 4:16-21)? 

  5. In the beginning of John 4, Jesus speaks to a woman of Samaria. What does she come to believe about Jesus?  Why (John 4:15-19)?

  6. After asking Jesus a question about worship, of whom does the woman ask (John 4:25)?  What does she say the Messiah would be able to do?

  7. What claim does Jesus make (John 4:26)?

  8. When the woman went into the city to tell of Jesus, what does she say He did (John 4:29)? 

  9. After speaking with Jesus themselves, what do the Samaritans come to believe about Jesus (John 4:42)? 

  10. Put this claim of Jesus, "I am He", in your own words.

  11. How does this truth help form your concept of Jesus as the Son of God?

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