Bible Classes

Bible Classes

Paul Before the Council

Series: Activities of the Apostles

Bible References: Acts 23:1-11

Discussion Questions: 

  1. What is Paul's opening statement?  Why did it bring the response that it did from the High Priest?
  2. What did Paul mean when he called the High Priest a, "whited wall?"  Do you remember anywhere else in the scriptures that gives this kind of reference?
  3. What caused Paul to shift gears so quickly in verse 5?  What does this prove again to us about Paul? 
  4. What is this special council of Pharisees and Saducees called?  What was the biggest difference between the two halves?
  5. How did Paul use this to his advantage?  What strategy is he using here?  Does it work? 
  6. Does Paul oversimply his work in verse 6?  Why did he choose to highlight this part of the gospel message?
  7. Did anyone in the council side with Paul's position?  What affirmation do we have as proof?
  8. Did this bring about a peaceful verdict?  How tense did the situation get?
  9. What was the chief captain afraid was going to happen?  Were his actions consistent with the previous altercation?
  10. What does the Lord share with Paul?  What affect do you think this had on Paul's spirit?
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