Bible Classes

Bible Classes

I Am The Bread of Life

Series: I AM - Jesus in the Book of John

Discussion Questions:

1. What miracle does Jesus perform (John 6:5-13)? 

  • A. How do the people react to the miracle (John 6:14)?_

2. What do the Jews ask Jesus to perform and why (John 6:30-31)? 

  • A. What is the connection with the miracle Jesus had performed the day before? 

3. Who actually gave the manna from Heaven, Moses or God (John 6:32)? 

4. How does Jesus describe the "bread of God?" Is it a thing or a person (John 6:33)? 

5. What claim does Jesus make (John 6:35)? 

6. What is the promise connected to Jesus' claim of being the "bread of life" (John 6:35)? 

  • A. What contrast is Jesus making with the manna that came from heavenin Moses' time? 

7. What promise is connected with the claim of Jesus (John 6:39-40)?. 

8. Why do the Jews have difficulty understanding the claim of Jesus (John 6:41-42)? 

9. What contrast does Jesus make between the manna coming from heaven in the time of Moses and Himself being the living bread (John 6:48-51)? 

  • A. What is the definition of "eternal life" (John 17:3)? 

10. Is Jesus referring to His physical body (John 6:52-58)? 

11. Later when Jesus spoke with His disciples, He further explains this concept of the 
bread of life. What does He say would bring life (John 6:63)? 

12. Put this claim of Jesus, "I am the bread of life", in your own words. 

13. How does this truth help form your concept of Jesus as the Son of God? 

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