Bible Classes

Bible Classes

I Am Teacher and Lord

Series: I AM - Jesus in the Book of John

Bible Reference: John 13: 1-35

Discussion Questions:

  1. When do the events of John 13 take place (John 13:1)?

    1. A) Since Jesus knew he would die a terrible, painful death the following day, what would you  expect Him to do the evening before?  

  2. What does Jesus do for the disciples (John 13:3-5)?

  3. What is Peter’s reaction to what Jesus does (John 13:6-9)?  

  4. What role does Jesus claim for himself (John 13:12-13)?  

    1. A) What is inferred about the authority of His claim?  

  5. As Teacher, what is the lesson Jesus teaches (John 13:14-15)?   

    1. A) What does this teach us about being a teacher?

  6. As Lord, what is the lesson Jesus exemplifies (John 13:16-17)?  

  7. What evidence does Jesus give that “I am He” (John 13:18-19)?  

    1. A) Discuss the relationships indicated in these passages: John 13:20; Matt. 10:40-42;  Mark 9:33-35.  

    2. B) Consider John 13:30-33. 

      1. Although it is not mentioned here, what unique historical event is taking place? 

      2. What is being referred to, as Jesus speaks of being glorified, in this passage ? 

      3. Explain "Little children" from verse 33.  

      4. Compare verse 33 with what He says in verse 36.  Explain where He is going & if anyone will follow and when? 

  8. As Teacher and Lord, what lesson does Jesus teach (John 13:34-35)?    

  9. Put this claim of Jesus, “I am Teacher and Lord,” in your own words.    

  10. How does this truth help form your concept of Jesus as the Son of God?  


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