Bible Classes

Bible Classes

Sailing Towards Rome

Series: Activities of the Apostles

Bible Reference: Acts 27:1-13

Discussion Questions:

  1. Who was with Paul on his journey to Rome?  Do we read of this man elsewhere in Acts, or in any other scripture?
  2. How was Paul treated by Julius?  What did Julius allow Paul to do?  Consider that Julius may have been one of the prominent men to witness Paul's defense before Agrippa.
  3. Could this have been a time that Paul could have tried to escape?  Why do you think he did not?
  4. What were the sailing conditions of the trip thus far?
  5. What time of year is it when it mentions, "the fast was already now passed?"  What is said of sailing after this time?
  6. Where are they at this point (Acts 27:8) and why do they not stay there?
  7. Where were they trying to get to?  Was this a long trip?
  8. What does Paul perceive at this point in the trip?  Who does he share this with?  Does this make a difference?  What is a time I remember ignoring sound advice?
  9. How much experience did Paul have on the seas?
  10. Was Paul familiar with Crete?
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