Bible Classes

Bible Classes

I Am in The Father

Series: I AM - Jesus in the Book of John

Bible Reference: John 10:1-42

Discussion Questions:

  1. When Philip encourages Nathanael to investigate Jesus, why is he not initially impressed? (John 1:45-46)
    1. A) After a short conversation, what is Nathanael's conclusion? (John 1:47-50)
  2. Jesus makes a claim for Himself seeming to draw from the event in Genesis 28:12, where Jacob sees a ladder set on the earth reaching to Heaven.  How could Jesus of Nazareth be this ladder?  (John 1:51)
  3. What relationship does Jesus have with the Father?  (John 10:37-38)
    1. A) What proof does Jesus offer for this claim?  (John 10:25; John 5:36)
  4. How is it possible to see the Father when we see Jesus?
  5. What claim does Jesus want His apostles to believe? 
    1. A) What proof does Jesus offer for this claim?
  6. Jesus speaks of the fact His apostles would soon see Him die and be raised from the dead.  This resurrection is evidence Jesus is indeed in the Father.  Who else is connected to Jesus?  (John 14:19-20)
  7. Just before Jesus goes to the garden of Gethsemane and is betrayed by Judas, He prays with His apostles.  He prays for them and, "for those who will believe in Me through their word."  What does Jesus want all believers to be?  (John 17:21-23)
    1. Why does Jesus want us to be united in this way? 
  8. Put this claim of Jesus, "I am in the Father," in your own words.
  9. How does this truth help form your concept of Jesus as the Son of God?
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