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A Brief Wellness Check-Up From Jesus


In Mark 8:17-18, Jesus asked his disciples five questions:

  • "Do you not yet perceive or understand?"
  • "Are your hearts hardened?"
  • "Having eyes do you not see?"
  • "Having ears do you not hear?"
  • "Do you not remember?"

We understand the importance of the occasional health and wellness check-up for our bodies. Take just a moment to consider those five questions of Jesus as a health and wellness check-up for your soul.

"Do you perceive and understand?"

Do you know who Jesus is? Do you realize what he accomplished? Do you understand what he wants from you today? Do you grasp why he is worthy of being recognized as your Lord this weekend, and for the rest of your life?

"How's your heart?"

If you know who he is, what he accomplished, what he wants from you today, why he is worthy of being recognized as Lord... and you don't submit to him... the eternally-serious diagnosis is a hardened heart. Are you properly feeding your God-given heart? Are you guarding your heart? Is it open and receptive--willing to be shaped by the Master Teacher?

"How's your vision?"

Do you see these truths with eyes of faith? Are you looking for opportunities to make a difference for him? Are you getting the encouragement you need so that you can live with God-shaped perspective? Do you look at people the way Jesus looked at people? Are your eyes fixed on him as the founder and perfecter of faith?

"How's your hearing?"

Do you hear the tiny testimonies to the eternal power and divine nature of your Creator in the falling of the Spring rain and the chirps of the birds overhead? As you read the Gospel of Mark, do you hear Jesus' words as words of the One who still has all authority in heaven and on earth?

"Do you remember?"

Do you remember his precepts and promises? His law and his love? Do you remember that he is coming again? Do you remember that you will stand before his judgment seat and give an account for how you spent your life? Do you remember what he accomplished in his death, burial, and resurrection so that you might not fear, but welcome his return?

How thankful we should be that Jesus is the Great Physician who cares for us, is patient with us, and willing to heal us.

“Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. I have not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance.” (Luke 5:31-32)


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