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God Is Truth, Not Consensus

...Let God be true though every one were a liar....” – Romans 3:4

There are many ideas up for debate these days, and people love to debate them.  Everyone seems to have their opinion on some topic regardless of whether they have any relevant qualifications, knowledge, or expertise.  We can find examples from relatively trivial topics such as fashion, technology, or sports to important subjects like life, sobriety, and religion.

While some topics can and will be debated indefinitely, society likes to formulate authorities, councils, committees, and commissions to research and establish a consensus, an official opinion on different matters.  Often the conclusions reached bear little practical meaning on our lives, but in other cases such as when life begins or how life began, they significantly alter public opinion that can affect us spiritually.

However such collaborative decision making isn’t limited to secular groups, for families, disciples, and churches are found engaging in the same behavior.  In the Bible we find several examples of people working together and deciding on a particular pursuit, only to find themselves misaligned with the word of God.  As we read in Romans 3:4, it doesn’t matter how many people might agree on something, it won’t change the fact that God is truth.  Every single person on this planet could believe and say one thing, but if God says differently, they are the liars.  Let us all submit ourselves to the word of God, for “[his] word is truth” (John 17:17).