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A Monday Morning Prayer-Seed for Tired Preachers


Most of the preachers I know are routinely exhausted on Monday mornings. Do you want to be a blessing to a brother who emptied his heart in the proclamation of God's word on Sunday? Pray for him on Monday.

I also want to encourage preachers to pray today. I know you're emotionally spent and mentally worn down. I know that fervent prayer can be a particular challenge when we're tired. But here's a Monday morning prayer-seed worth integrating into your personal communication with the heavenly Father.

Epaphras, who is one of you, a servant of Christ Jesus, greets you, always struggling on your behalf in his prayers, that you may stand mature and fully assured in all the will of God. (Col 4:12)

If I believe that some plant, others water, but God gives the growth (1 Cor 3:6), what could be more worthwhile to pray about today than that those who listened to me yesterday would stand mature and fully assured in all the will of God? What does it say about me if I exhaust myself in preaching on Sunday but do not pour out my heart in prayer to the God who gives the growth on Monday? Do I really believe in the power of prayer? Am I truly ministering with a servant's heart?

No doubt, preachers need to be prayed for today. But preachers, as servants of Christ Jesus, also need to be struggling in prayer on behalf of yesterday's hearers, that we would all stand mature and fully assured in all the will of God this week.