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Will You Follow Him?

Will you follow him—through all of life’s blessings?

Will you follow him—when success pulls you from your spiritual moorings?

Will you follow him—when obedience costs you your blessings?

Will you follow him—through many dangers, toils, and snares?

Will you follow him—through humiliations, setbacks, and failures?

Will you follow him—when you’re told “the church will be going in a different direction”?

Will you follow him—when your children resent you for not giving them the good life all their friends enjoy?

Will you follow him—when people leave in droves because you preach an ancient Word?

Will you follow him—when people confuse your passion for progressiveness?

Will you follow him—never straying to the heartless right hand, nor the headless left?

Will you follow him—when the dark night of the soul sets in?

Will you follow him—when life takes a most unexpected turn, confident that He works all things according to the counsel of his will?

Will you follow him—when the king of terrors, the rider on a pale horse, visits your home?

Will you follow him—when you want to speak his Name in praise, but can only do so in pain?

Will you follow him—even when you want to scream at him?

Will you follow him—trusting in his providence, when you just want to blame him for your problems?

Will you follow him—though he asks of you more than you feel any one person should have to give?

Will you follow him—even when he takes your father and your son?

Will you follow him—confident that they, even now, are saving a seat for you at the table of the marriage supper of the Lamb?

Will you follow him—through firings and failures and loss, trusting that his will can be thwarted no more than a hummingbird can stop a hurricane?

Will you follow him—though your hair grays, your eyes dim, your vigor fades, and the rest of the world fails to notice?

Will you follow him—as you take your final breath, your soul slips into eternity, and you meet He who has known and loved you since before the foundation of the world?

Will you follow him—for his glory and for his glory alone?