Bible Classes

Bible Classes

Evidence for a Young Earth

Series: The Case for Divinity

Many secular and popular scientists never talk about much of the evidence we examined in this lesson. In fact, they hush it and do not seem to wish to consider the overwhelming evidence that suggests that the earth in only a tiny fraction of the age that many in the scientific realm hold as true. Today, we "dug" into geological, cosmological, astronomical, genetic, biological, and chemical evidence that are the most recent discoveries and the most telling observations. Yet, scientists today, by and large, hold on to erronious "dating" and presuppositions that have been outdated for decades, simply because it hides an inconveniant truth: the earth is more closely the age that God has said. Thus, more evidence for a Creator. Why is that inconveniant? Why is all this evidence being ignored before even considered? Creation demands a Creator, therefore accountability.

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