Bible Classes

Bible Classes

The Church at Philippi

Series: New Testament Churches

Excerpt from the workbook, "New Testament Churches: Their Strengths and Weaknesses" by Carl McMurray:

"The Philippian church's foundation was first laid in Acts 16:13-15 with a prayerful, hospitable businesswoman by the name of Lydia. Another unlikely stone in that foundation came from the ranks of law enforcement (Acts 16:30-34), a humble Roman jailer with an open heart. These were people with different backgrounds, different professions, different educations, and living different lives, yet they would soon be rejoicing as brethren, giving thanks together, and eating the Lord's Supper as members of the same spiritual family."

Bible References:

  • Acts 16:30-34  
  • Philippians


1. In the local churches of today, how does a congregation rely upon its foundation?

2. If the Philippian church learned to pray from the apostle, what kind of prayers could be expected?

3. Explain, in your own words, how prayer molds the character of the one who offers it up?

4. Why should Christians not be alarmed/surprised at opposition to the work of the kingdom?

5. What are some false teachers/doctrines that the church needs to beware of today?

6. How shall the church deal with its opponents?

7. Name and explain three traits of the church in Philippi that demonstrated the love and zeal of this church family?

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