Bible Classes

Bible Classes

Preaching to the Athenians

Series: Activities of the Apostles

Bible Reading: Acts 17:16-34

Discussion Questions:

  1. As Paul starts working in Athens who does he ask to come there to help? Did he wait for them to arrive before doing any work? What gave him the urge to start working right away?
  2. Who were the people that started to mock Paul? What name did they call him? Does this help us understand how some may react when trying to teach the Gospel?
  3. What did those in Athens spend their time doing? How time did they devote to these things?
  4. What did Paul find in his travels about the city that he would later use as his opportunity to teach them about their idolatry?
  5. Did Paul immediately condemn their sins of idolatry? What approach did he use? What do we read of him teaching about first? Was it effective?
  6. List the things that Paul tells them about God in verses 24-26.
  7. How far away is God from us? Does He ever feel farther? Why does that happen?
  8. How easily can we function without God? (vs.28) Why is it helpful to make sure people know this when studying with them?
  9. Vs. 29 speaks to our inclination for idolatry and worshipping by our design. In the “religious” world today, what do we see as fruit of this type of thinking? What must we understand, obey, & teach about these behaviors?
  10. What assurance does God give us that He will judge us according to His will? How did the audience receive this information?
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