Bible Classes

Bible Classes

Paul's Time in Corinth

Series: Activities of the Apostles

Bible Reference: Acts 18:1-18

Discussion Questions:

  1. Why were Aquila & Priscilla in Corinth? What do we read that Paul did with them and for them?
  2. What work for the kingdom do we first read about Paul doing? Did he make the effort often?
  3. What does it mean to testify of something? What was Paul testifying to the Jews?
  4. Who came to help Paul in the work there? Where did they come from?
  5. What condemnation did Paul proclaim against the unbelieving? What did he say of himself? Why do you think Paul said this?
  6. Where does Paul go after this rejection? To what people in general? And to what person specifically?
  7. Who is the chief ruler of the synagogue? How did he respond to Paul’s teaching?
  8. Were the Corinthians at all interested in Paul’s message? What 3 things do we read of them doing in response to the teaching?
  9. How did the Lord speak to Paul in Corinth? What did he say? Why do you think the Lord offered this encouragement? How long did Paul stay after this encouragement?
  10. When the Jews tried to stir up the local government to persecute Paul were they interested? Who do we read of being an outlet for their anger when turned away? What do we learn of Paul’s efforts after this?
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