Bible Classes

Bible Classes

Paul & Apollos Work in Ephesus

Series: Activities of the Apostles

Bible Reading: Acts 18:19-28


  1. What new helpers does Paul bring along his journey to Ephesus? Did he have to doubt their effectiveness as helpers? 
  2. What effective teaching element do we see Paul implement when arriving at Ephesus? 
  3. When teaching in the Synagogue, did they oppose Paul as so many had done in earlier efforts? What other group of Jews gave this same sort of response? 
  4. Does Paul's response to them seem odd considering his usual behavior? Discuss why he may have given this response. 
  5. Does this response help teach the brethren anything new? What assurance did he offer when he left? 
  6. What ability did Apollos have? Did he come to help or hinder the work of Paul and his companions? 
  7. Was his style in part, or in whole like Paul? 
  8. What was Apollos lacking? How was this addressed? What do we learn from this interaction? 
  9. Did this have a negative effect on Apollos? What other work do we hear of him doing? 
  10. As the chapter closes how is Apollos' work described? 
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