Bible Classes

Bible Classes

The Churches of Smyrna And Pergamum

Series: New Testament Churches

Part 1, Smyrna

Bible References: Revelation 2:8-11

Thought Questions:

  • 1. How do you think the culture in Smyrna might have had an influence on the church?
    • a. In what ways do you think culture has changed the church in the past 2000 years?
    • b. Culturally speaking only, is the church here at Laurel Canyon different than say the church over on West Broad or Watkins Road or in Logan Ohio?
  • 2. How could the Christians in Smyrna be rich, and poor, at the same time?
    • a. Would you consider the Church at Laurel Canyon to be monetarily wealthy?
    • b. In what ways have you seen Christians be generous with their money?
  • 3. What were two persecuting powers they had to deal with in Smyrna?
    • a. Can we suffer persecution here?
  • 4. What encouragement is there today for the Christian struggling financially or feeling overcome by various tribulations?


Part 2: Pergamum

Bible Reference: Revelation 2:12-17

Thought Questions:

  • 5.  In what way might the culture in Pergamum have affected the church there? 
    • a. In what ways has the access to information been a good thing and a bad thing for us today?
  • 6.  What positive things did the Lord point out about these churches?
  • 7.  What were the two main problems in the church at Pergamum?
  • 8.  How shall the church deal with tolerance, compromise, and apathy?
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