Bible Classes

Bible Classes

Conversion of the Ephesians

Series: Activities of the Apostles

Bible References: Acts 19:1-20

Discussion Questions:

  1. When returning to Ephesus, Paul found twelve disciples.  What did he ask of them?  How did they respond?
  2. What was the answer from these disciples concerning the Holy Spirit? How do you suppose this was possible? 
  3.  How did Paul describe John's baptism?  What did the disciples do when they were taught to believe in Christ Jesus?
  4. What special act did Paul perform for the twelve?
  5. While in the synagogue, what was Paul teaching?  List the three things mentioned in verse 8 about his speech.
  6. How many people was Paul able to reach while in Ephesus?  How far did the Word of God reach?
  7. What were the seven sons of Sceva trying to do? What were they missing? How did that work out for them? 
  8. What do we learn from the evil spirit's answer in verse 15?
  9. How was Paul's work affected by these, "vegabond Jews?"
  10. What kind of books are mentioned in verse 19?  What was done with them? What was the purpose of this? How costly of a statement was this?
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