Bible Classes

Bible Classes

Eutychus and the Ephesian Elders

Series: Activities of the Apostles

Acts 20

1. As chapter 20 begins who all do we read of as being part of Paul's traveling company? Did they all travel together? 

2. Was Paul known to be "long-winded"? When in Troas, how long was it that he was said to have spoken? Why do you suppose he spoke this long? 

3. Have you ever fallen asleep during a sermon? Can you remember why? Was it preventable? Why is Eutychus so well known in the scriptures? What benefits do we find in this record being preserved? 

4. Why didn t Paul want to stop by Ephesus on his return route? Did he still get a chance to encourage them? Who specifically did he ask to speak to? Why? 

5. When speaking to them what did Paul remind them of? 

6. What did Paul warn the elders to take heed about? 

7. What did he specifically ask them to remember? 

8. What was Paul's example among them concerning meeting his physical needs? Was he just concerned about himself? 

9. What reminder does he give them from the Lord? Where do we find this teaching elsewhere in the scriptures? 

10. How do we know the Ephesians loved Paul deeply?

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