Bible Classes

Bible Classes


Series: I AM - Jesus in the Book of John

Lesson 1 

1. God speaks to Abraham in Genesis 12:1ff, but the Bible does not tell us what term Abraham uses to refer to God. In Genesis 17:1, how does God introduce Himself?

2. What does the combination of terms, God Almighty, emphasize about the character/ attributes of God and why is this important for Abraham to know (Gen. 17:1-8)?

3. By what term is God known to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and what term do they not know (Exo. 6:3)?

4. By what term does God want the children of Israel to know Him (Exo. 6:7)?

5. When Moses encounters God on Mount Horeb, how does God introduce Himself (Exo. 3:6)?

  • Why is this identification important to Moses? 

6. God tells Moses He is sending him to Egypt to deliver His people Israel; what question does Moses say the children of Israel would ask (Exo. 3:13)?

7. What is God’s answer (Exo. 3:14)?

8. What connection does God make with their past to help the children of Israel understand Who He is (Exo. 3:15-17)?

9. What does the term “LORD” emphasize about the character/attributes of God and why is this important to the children of Israel?

10. How long is this term to be used by the children of Israel (Exo. 3:15)?

11. What is the 3rd of the 10 commandments (Exo. 20:7)?

Thought Question: Why has the pronunciation of the term YHWH been lost?

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