There's a Great Day Coming

No matter what your place in life is, whether you are a new Christian, or someone who has served the Living God for decades; whether you have never thought about committing your life to Christ, or maybe you have-but you just haven’t taken that crucial step; whether you’re living right before God or following the morality of the world around you…one thing is certain--there’s a great day coming for all of us.  The Bible is abundant with encouragement and warning about that day, and that the day will surely come. (Acts 17:31, John 6:40, 44, 54) It could be the most glorious day you have ever known, or the worst day you have ever experienced. (Rom. 2:4-5) What that day will mean to you depends on how you have answered the call of the Savior.  Consider what we’re taught about that day.

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