How Can I Know the Bible is God's Word?

Series: How Can I Know: Answering Life's Tough Questions

If the Bible is God's own instructions and messages for us, then it MUST be the foundation of what we do on this earth. If we do not even view the Bible as God-breathed holy scripture, then we have no understanding of what God requires of us. We can trust nothing other than our own experience, which obviously does not stand the test of time. So how do we know that it actually is God's own words to us? Delve in with us to examine this book, put it on trial, and see if it proves itself to be truly of God. We'll test the prophecies in the Bible to see if they came true. We'll verify the validity of its writers (manuscripts) and witnesses.  We'll examine archeological findings and cross-check that with the events in the Bible. We will test its historical, geographical, biological, and astronomical accuracy in relation to what the science of man had found at those times. We'll use the proof and the logic God has given us to validate this book.

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