Why No Instruments? Answering Common Objections

Introduction:  In the morning lessons we gave the reasons why we worship with a  cappella singing.  Yet, let's consider, this evening , answering the objections of those who do not agree with this position.

Objection #1:  "Thants Just Your Tradition"

Objection #2:   It's in the Old Testament"

Objection #3:  "If It's in Heaven , Why Not the Church?"

Objection #4:  "Jesus Never Prohibited Worship With Instruments!"

Objection #5:  "If It is Okay At Home, Why Not In Worship?"

Objection #6:  "We are Using the Instruments as an Aid, Not Addition"

Objection #7:  "We Ought To Use Our Talents"

Objection #8:  "Instruments Were in The Synagogue During the Time of Christ"

Objection #9:  "The Word "Sing" Could Also Be Translated "Play"

Objection #10:  "If It Feels Good and Uplifting It Must Be Right"

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