A Most Critical Assessment

Critical thinking and problem solving are essential skills. As we grow and mature our ability to think in ways that helps us make informed decisions increases. Let us look today at something we must learn to assess properly. 

We can compare making critical assessments on people physically to their spiritual conditions as well. A poor assessment of someone's physical needs can create even more harm. The same can be true spiritually speaking. 

Matthew 11:20-30 teaches us the critical need to be able to recognize sin in our lives and earnestly repent of it! 

Solomon, the wisest man that ever lived (except for Christ) teaches us the value of living life for God while we have it. Ref.: Ecc.9:10 & 12:13-14. He even gives us a practical illustration to make sure we don't miss the simple truth of our condition. Ref. Ecc. 9:45 

Luke 15, in the story of the Prodigal Son, we see an important illustration of how we should view our separation from the Father. (When you are spiritually lost, you are spiritually DEAD) 

This is important to understand since so many are fooled thinking because they are physically alive and well, they will be just fine. This gets even more critical when this is their mindset spiritually! Ref. Rev. 3:1 

If we are wise however, we will recognize our lost condition and fight like crazy "to live"! 

Paul when writing to the brethren in Rome explains in detail the importance of understanding our relationship with Christ and the need to assess our lives to ensure we are living for Christ and not ourselves. 

We must recognize the authority with which Jesus teaches us this and so many other truths about the kingdom. "I am He who lives, and was dead, and behold, I am alive forevermore." Amen. Rev. 1:18 

So the question we must ask ourselves as we make this most critical assessment: "Do we really want to live?" If so, what do we need to change in our lives to see that we live healthy spiritual lives until our end or the Lord returns?

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