Rejoicing With God

Source text: Luke 15 

As we read Luke chapter 15 we see Jesus take opportunity to teach the Pharisees & scribes about the value of the lost since they were busy turning their noses up at them. 

This is a good time to search our own hearts and see if we are struggling with the same thing. (Even if it might be in a little different situation or context) 

How should we relate to sinners? Ephesians 5:11-17 & Romans 13:12-14 give us good insight. 

Luke 15 gives us 3 parables to understand how God feels about those that are lost. 

  • The lost  ________________________
  • The lost ________________________
  • The lost ________________________

What does the shepherd do to find his sheep?  _______________________________________________________

What does the woman in the house do to find her coin? _____________________________________________

What did the father do to find his son? (trick question) ______________________________________________

What did all 3 do when the lost thing was found? ____________________________________________________

The parable of the lost son reinforces an age old truth we are taught clear back in Genesis 2:17! Remember when Adam & Eve were told if they ate of the fruit they would die? What was the state of the son while separated from his father? In verses 24 & 32 of Luke 15 it is said that the son was ALIVE or DEAD (circle one) 

We should reflect on the fact that God reveals His nature here in a way that helps us realize how much joy He has when the lost turn to Him. 

Let these truths motivate us to draw near to God, no matter where might find ourselves in this life. He has the answers, He has the strength, in Him, we find the peace that we all desperately need so much. 

Final thought: 

From the beginning to the end of Jesus' ministry we see Him share God's desire for His people. From His prayers, His examples, and His teaching & preaching we can see how much God loves us and wants us to be in a right relationship with Him! How could someone say no to that!? 

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