I Am Free in Christ

Source Text: Matthew 17: 24-28

As we celebrate the freedom and independence of our country this weekend, let us remember the most valuable kind of freedom. Being free from SIN & DEATH!! (Rom. 8:1-2) 

Consider Galatians 5:1, Christ set us free for, A- Salvation, B - Freedom, C- Forgiveness 

In the events of Matthew 17:24-26, Jesus teaches us that the sons are __________________.

In Romans 8:15 we have received the Spirit of ________________ .

What will set us free?  ___________________ (John 8:32) 

We must be careful we do not misuse our freedom as a cover-up for  _________. (1 Peter 2:16) 


The most important freedom we possess in this life: 

For the law of the  ___________  _______  ____________ has set you free in ____________  ____________ from the law of ___________ and ______________ . (Romans 8:2) 

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