Forgiving : What Does the Bible Say About It?

Healing the Wounded

Source text: Matthew 18:21-34 

Building from our thoughts on confessing our sins to one another. It is a natural progression to consider how we forgive. 

Who asked Jesus about forgiveness in Matthew 18:21? ____________________________

Jesus told him that he shouldn't forgive his brother ___________ times but ___________ X ____________. 

A VERY important component of our forgiveness for others is that it be from  __________ _______________! (Mt. 18:35) 

Jesus told Simon, "he who is _________________ little, __________________little. (Lk. 7:47) 

Two amazing examples of true forgiveness is _______________ & _______________ in Genesis 33, and ________________ & his _________________ in Genesis 50.  

MUST we forgive others?  Y  /  N    (Col.3:13) 

Can my UNFORGIVING heart keep me from Heaven?  Y  /  N   (Mt. 6:15) 

Closing Thought:

Isaiah 55:6-7 teaches us that if we forsake our wicked ways God is willing to ABUNDANTLY PARDON us! If you have never received His mercy and pardon, please do not wait another minute! BELIEVE in the mighty God of Heaven, Walk away from & repent of your sins, and let us assist you in your baptism that you might have your sins washed away and embrace a new life being FORGIVEN!! 

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