Defeating AI

Key Text Joshua chapters 7 & 8


The battle to keep a fit mind that is disciplined, holy and pleasing to God is of grave importance given the barrage of wicked and sinful temptations around us!


As the Israelites crossed the Jordan, when did the mana stop? (Ref. Jos. 5:12)

“And the _______ ceased the ______ _________ they ate of the _______________ of the land. And there was ___ ___________ manna for the people of Israel, but they ____ of the ________ of the land of ____________ that year.”


Approximately how far was Ai from Jericho? _______________

How much higher in the mountains was it than Jericho? ______________

Who was the man that caused Israel to fail in battle? __________

What did he do? _________________________________________________________________


Am I ever tempted to do things God has told me not to?   YES  /   NO

What can we learn from his example about sin that should help us avoid those kinds of situations?



Only when we confess our sins and reconcile with God through the blood of Jesus in baptism will we be able to stand before Him.

Were the Israelites victorious once they were able to get the sin out of their camp?   YES  /  NO


Closing thought:

Sin is so very destructive. It often leads to damage of others as well as ourselves. Sometimes in ways we cannot remedy. By guarding our minds and purging sin from our lives we will stand victorious over our sins with God’s provision.

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