In The Beginning

When things seem to get complicated along the way, it's sometimes helpful to start over at the beginning... 

When Jesus began preaching publicly in Galilee, His message was simple. He started out with, "__________________  _____  _________  _________________  ______ God is at ____________“ 

He started with making people realize they were accountable for their sin. 

Jesus also taught us in ways to help us grow. List 5 of the Beatitudes: 

  1. ______________________________________________
  2. ______________________________________________
  3. ______________________________________________
  4. ______________________________________________
  5. ______________________________________________

He helps us recognize areas areas that we might need to work on. (Mt. 5:21-48)

List 2 areas from the text that you need to work on: 

  1. ______________________________________________
  2. ______________________________________________

As we grow toward maturity as Christians, we will be more aware of our sins and the temptations that lead us there. We will also recognize that JESUS is the ONLY answer for our condition. 

And when we remember these things, we should be ready and willing to REPENT of our sins and be Baptized to wash them away. (Acts 2:38) 

Remember, It starts with sorrow for our sins... 

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