Understanding A Very Important Analogy

God portrays Himself as a Shepherd and us as sheep.
Understanding this relationship will greatly benefit not only our understanding of who God is 
and why, but also to teach us what our responsibilities are as his children (or sheep).

What are some of the Bible names for men serving in this role?

Why do we have or need shepherds (elders)?
Eph. 4:11:12, “to ___________ the _________ for the ________ of ministry, for ____________ ____ the body of Christ”

Ezekiel 34 also helps us understand the need for a good shepherd is for protection and 
provision for the flock. (The flocks of God’s people)

In John 10 Jesus calls Himself both the door of the sheep and The Good Shepherd. 
This is another illustration of Jesus being: The Way, The Truth, & The Life as taught in John 14:6

In 1 Peter 5:5 we are told to be ___ ______________ to our elders. When we understand the 
God-given pattern for shepherds and their responsibilities, we should do this willingly. 

Why is Jesus as The Good Shepherd, and our shepherds here at Laurel Canyon so needed?
Isaiah 53:6 tells us, “________ we like sheep have ________ ________”

LORD, Help us to always be looking for and following after our Shepherds!

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