All Things Are Possible For One Who Believes

Source text: Mark 9:14-24

A look at the power of belief in the scriptures.

How does Jesus respond to the man pleading for healing for his son? (Mk 9:23)

What is possible for one who believes, according to Mark 9:23? ________ ____________

Who is our Old Testament example of belief this morning? __________

Where can his story be found? _______________

In 1 Samuel 17:36 David is certain of his victory over 3 things:

  1.  ____________________
  2.  ____________________
  3.  ____________________

Who is our New Testament example of belief this morning? __________________

What did she believe? “If ___ touch even _____ ________ I will be ______ ________.”(vs.28)

A good verse to teach the necessity of belief is John 8:34

                   I told ______ that ______ would ______ in your sins, for unless you _________ that ___ _____ _____ you will die in your _______.”

Does my belief in the power and promises of God through Jesus look like the examples we looked at this morning? _____________________________________________________

What could I do differently going forward to build up my belief in God and my faith in His promises? _________________________________________________________________

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