Discipline Way

Who was said to have a heart that was not right with God? (Acts 9:9-24)

What was he told to do about it? (v.22) ___________________

What does Jesus call people that do not want to have him as their ruler?
(Luke 19:27) __________________

When I look at my life, I need to decide what or who is ruling over me. It is usually one of 3 things. ___________ _____________ ____________

3 Things I would do differently if Jesus stayed with me for a month:
1 - ______________________
2 - ______________________
3 - ______________________

God is more important than: (Circle all that apply):     Friends       Family       Marriage       Jobs       School 


Jesus gave himself for us to redeem us from all lawlessness and to purify for 
himself a people for his own possession who are zealous for good works.
Titus 2:14

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